Northwest Neighborhood Outreach Center

"Helping Others, Help Themselves"


ID Restoration Program


With our ID Restoration Program we assist qualified individuals in the process of obtaining personal identification to facilitate employment, housing, education and IDs. Proper identificantion allows for an increase in opportunities that are unavailable without adequate identification.


We are one of the only agencies in the City of Rochester to provide this service, and as a result we receive referrals from many different agencies.  Our referrals come from VOA, Salvation Army, DSS, CPS, many half-way rehab houses, Catholic Family Center, Aids of Rochester, YWCA Housing, Alternatives for Battered Women, LAWNY, and many other organizations.


A story that gives an idea of what this program means to people is the homeless gentleman we assisted to help get his NYS ID which opened doors for him.  He was in need of medical attention and with his ID he could sign up for medicaid.  He also was able to begin receiving his Social Security he earned while working in the lab at Kodak.