Northwest Neighborhood Outreach Center

"Helping Others, Help Themselves"


Northwest Neighborhood Outreach Center (NNOC)

[formerly Grace Urban Ministries (GUM)]


Our Strategic Plan is comprised of three parts:

  1. Our Vision/Mission/Values
    • ​​What are we?
  2. Our Situation/Environment
    • ​​Where do we want to be?
  3. Our Goals/Objectives
    • ​​How do we get there?


1.  In focusing on our values and mission statement, we have chosen the motto “helping others help themselves.”  We see ourselves as a proactive, sustainable organization that serves, develops and empowers our Northwest Rochester neighbors.  We seek to address clients’ needs at whatever point they are in life and to use peer support and encouragement to help them advance toward self-sufficiency.



2.  In examining where we are, we looked at demographic trends in census reports, comparing 2000 with 2010 in census tracts 21, 22 & 23 – those within walking distance of our center.   The total population is 10,870.  The white population has decreased (by 32.6%) to 35.7%, the black population has increased (by 44%) to 43.4%, the hispanic population has increased (by 45.2%) to 19.3%, and the Asian population has increased (by 245.3%) to 6%.  The number of households is 4,078.  6.9% are owned by occupants, 24.7% are mortgaged and 68.4% are rentals.  While the medium income is $43,037 for the 3 census tracts, the medium income for tract 23, immediately south of the center, is $29,228.


An analysis of who NNOC is currently serving shows 52% white, 43% black & 5% Hispanic, mostly in the age-range of 18-54.  In terms of services rendered, 95% are for meals/coffee, 5% computer, 4% clothing, and 3% food.  About 30 people a month are assisted with ID restoration.  Approximately 1,300 people are served each month, and our client basis is steadily increasing.


Our overall support from churches and individuals has declined, although a small group of churches and individuals are committed to our programs.  The advent of a Golf Tournament was an important boost to our financial well-being.  Willmott Foundation has been our largest supporter.  


We have researched the services provided by other agencies in our area.  No other group focuses on serving those low income persons who are falling through the cracks of public agencies.


3.  On the basis of this analysis, we have chosen a target goal to move us towards where we want to be.  This goal is to:

  • Setup and initiate a plan for income stability


Objectives as well as strategies with timelines and responsibilities have been designated for each of these goals.


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Download  and print our Executive Summary Here (.pdf)

Download and print Census Tracts Used Here(.pdf)