Northwest Neighborhood Outreach Center

"Helping Others, Help Themselves"

Welcome to N. N. O. C.    

(Formerly Grace Urban Ministries)   


Meals and Programs Location   1261 Dewey Ave at St Luke Tabernacle Community Church


Storefront Welcome to Northwest Neighborhood Outreach Center (N.N.O.C.) where we hope you will find useful information about our organization and what we do for the Rochester community.  Please be sure to check out our event calendar, which includes our 9th Annual Danielle Rae Guistina Golf Tournament in August 2017 to raise money for daily operations.  Thank you for visiting and supporting us!


Our Mission

NNOC is an outreach center that contributes to the health of the Maplewood and Edgerton neighborhoods.  Using “walk-in hospitality” to connect with our neighbors in need, NNOC’s mission is to assess and address clients’ needs at whatever point they are in life. Working in collaboration with other service providers, as well as using client peer support and encouragement, we help our clients advance toward self-sufficiency, which will improve the neighborhood as a place to live, work, play, and worship.


United Way Donor Number   2211